• English Bridge Shrewsbury

Guide Book

If you are local to Shrewsbury ring 07963 590641 to buy a copy. To order by post click the book.

A2 poster of Shropshire Way Map

To order a map poster send a text to 07730 875274. £5 for local delivery, £8 by post.

Certificates can be ordered for completing all or part of the Shropshire Way

These are supplied by post free of charge; we ask that you go to our Funding page to make a donation.

Choose from these certificates:

200 miles North and South loops + Whitchurch

180 miles North and South loops

120 miles South loop

80 miles North loop

Please complete a contact form to request your certificate, including your name (plus any extra words e.g. number of hours or days) and your postal address.

Shropshire Way Association Registered Charity No. 1194685

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