The Shropshire Way needs your help!

The Association was set up with generous help from Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust and anonymous donors. We have achieved our primary aim of establishing a long distance path. Now the Way needs to be well publicised and maintained to a high standard. Our role in promoting, waymarking and working with the councils is crucial to its success. The website with maps and important information for walkers must also be kept up to date.

The Association’s only current source of funding is donations.

From time to time the Association will also have specific projects. At present we are raising funds for a sculpture to mark the Start and End of the Shropshire Way at Kingsland Bridge Shrewsbury. This is where the North and South loops meet. The banner photo above is an artist’s impression.

The sculpture will cost around £5000. More than half of that cost has already been raised, but we need to raise a further £2000.

If you would like to donate either to our general fund or specifically for the sculpture, please complete the form below.

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