Welsh Bridge Shrewsbury

Stage 15: Nesscliffe to Shrewsbury

***Stages 14 and 15 - Nesscliffe ***

There will be increased noise from 22-26th January 2024 on the Nesscliffe training camp while Specialist Military live explosion demolition training takes place. Increased security measures will be in operation on the camp during this time to ensure safety of the public. All public rights of way will remain open.

***Minor detour from the river bank approaching Shrewsbury Town centre between Hunter Street and Mount street in Frankwell due to badgers undermining the path. Please see diversion map on the right.

**** 10/4/24 - Additional diversion in Frankwell area due to wall and surface collapses - see additional diversion map on the right.

This final stage starts with an ascent of Nesscliffe Hill passing through the ramparts of another of Shropshire's ancient hill forts. A recent archeological dig here shows the entrance to the fort through the ramparts. A good view of the Welsh hills can be enjoyed from Oliver's Point at the top.

After the descent a short detour will take you to Kynaston's cave, the home of a Shropshire Highwayman in times past.

Click the link for further information regarding the Archaeological dig at Nesscliffe and tour of Kynaston's Cave

The route joins the Severn Way for the walk through Montford Bridge and will take you right to the heart of the town whilst remaining on river meadows.

Flood warning after Montford Bridge: During the winter a detour is recommended. From SJ441153 continue on a farm track directly East for 400m to a lane at Bicton Farm. Here turn right to rejoin the Shropshire Way at SJ446152.

You are strongly advised to take an OS map and/or a GPS to walk the route. Please note the digital OS maps will show the new Main Route from January 2019.

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